General Guidelines

Parents are requested:
1. To pay attention to their ward’s regularity, punctuality and discipline.
2. To check the student’s Almanac regularly and acknowledge the receipt of circulars.
3. To ensure that their ward carry books/ notebooks according to the time table.
4. To sign the Almanac on daily basis.
5. To ensure that their ward makes up for all the work missed by him/her whenever he/she is absent from the school.
6. Child should be sent with neat and clean uniform.
7. Parents are advised not to go directly to the classes to meet the teachers and the ward.
8. No child is to be taken from school during school hours without the permission of the principal.
9. Parents are requested not to send their relative neighbour to take the ward whom they have not introduced to the school authorities, name of the introduced persons authorized to take the child must be mentioned in the diary.
10. Children must not be sent with toys, money, ornaments etc. the school will not be responsible If any of these articles are lost. Fee money must not be given to students.
11. Parents can meet the principal from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm on working days only.
12. All students using the school bus are expected to be on the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the arrival of the bus.
13. The bus will not wait for the late comers.
14. Little eyes see more than we can think. Learn your little ones grow into complete individual.

Fee Payment Rules:
1. All school dues have to be paid from 1st to the 10th of all working days.
2. Late fee of Rs. 10 will be charged per day if it is not paid by the due date till the last day of the month. after that name will be struck off.
3. In that case student may be readmitted only upon payment up to date fees along with admission charge.

For Students:
1. Students are requested to be punctual. Must reach the school before attendance bell is rung.
2. Must always attend morning assembly.
3. Should observe silence at the time of morning assembly, in library and in the school premises, should maintain proper decorum in the classroom.
4. Prescribed uniform is compulsory for all the students on all the school days and school functions.
5. Students should be clean and neatly dressed.
6. Not to speak loudly and shout at each other.
7. Not to use rude abusive language.
8. Students are not allowed to go out of the school premises during school hours.
9. Application for leave must be signed bt the parent/guardian. Absence fine Rs. 10 per day will be charged for absence.
10. Name of the absentee will be struck off the rolls after continuous absence for 10 days.
11. School building, furniture, plants and other school property should not be defaced, scratched or damaged in any way. Offenders will be dealt with severely. Any damaged caused will be charged from the defaulters.
12. Students should not bring any sharp objects to the school that may cause injury.
13. Children should not bring any valuables. School authorities are not responsible for the loss of any such article or money.
14. No book other than prescribed book is allowed in the school.
15. Mass P.T and school games are compulsory for all the students.
16. All letters and correspondence addressed to the students are subject to the scrutiny of the principal.
17. Visitors are not allowed to meet the students or teachers during teaching periods.
18. Smoking, drinking, use of drugs or intoxication of any type and non- vegetarian items of food are all strictly prohibited.
19. Disobedience, indiscipline of any sort and agitational attitude will be considered as a grave misconduct.
20. When more than two students move out of their class room they should do so in a single line.
21. Students are expected to be polite, courteous and respectful and disciplined inside and outside the school.
22. Girls are not allowed with nail paints, Mehndi etc. A fine of Rs. 100 shall be charged for the same.
23. Hair should be tied neatly so that they don’t fall on the eyes of the child.
24. Students are expected to take good care of their books, stationary, uniform and all personal belongings.