1. Teaching Department: For convenience and efficiency, the teaching is classified into five groups: Pre-Primary, Primary, Middle, High and Higher Secondary classes. Some teachers cut across these groups. Different hobbies are allotted to different teachers according to their special interests.
2. Special Facilities For Junior Wing:
• Practical teaching aids are used for all round developed and to bring out hidden talent of the student.
• School bags will be kept in school premises from nursery to Class I.
• Stationary will be kept in school for the use of students (Nursery to class II).
• Refreshment facility for Nursery to LKG Classes.
• Ultra Modern Swings are available for the junior wing.
• Teacher student’s ratio- 1:20 upto Class UKG and 1:25 from class 1st to class +2.
3. Library: The School library has a good stock of textbooks, general books on history, culture, religion and other periodicals and news papers. The library has a total stock of about 600 volumes and is growing every year.
4. Computer Lab: The school possesses a computer center with computers and software of Science Eureka. Science and Math’s classes are run on this software for better understanding and clarity of the subject. This system is used for students of class I to XII.
5. Music: The school is providing training in Indian Classical music from Nursery onwards as a special subject. Emphasis is given to Gurbaani Kirtan in Ragas with the help of string instruments such as Dilruba Sarangi, Taar Shahnai, Rabab, Taaus etc.
6. Divinity:
• Each and every students starts his day with meditation and attending ‘Jap Prayog’ during the ‘Aasa Di War’ Kirtan.
• School is providing training in reciting Shudh Gurbani as well as teacher’s encourage students to Kanth Gurbani and Ardaas for all the classes.
• Every month HAWANS and VARNIS are performed by students.
• GURU KA LANGAR is served after hawans and varnish by the students.
• Students participate actively in Community Service “SEWA”
• Quiz competitions based on Sikh Religion are held in School.
• Moral values and traditional customs are motivated among the students.
7. Sports: The school has excellent and well maintained playground for games and sports. The school has excellent facilities for sports and games such as Badminton, Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volley Ball, Kabaddi, Throw Ball, Kho- Kho Athletics, etc. Qualified coaches are engaged to coach the students in the sport of their choice.
8. Extra Curricular Activities: All students from Nursery to XII classes are required to participate in at least one extra curricular activity of their choice. Sufficient efforts on the part of instructor to impart vocational training in the areas of the choice of the student over the years, generates the required self confidence in the student to start his/her own business by the time he/she completes his/her studies in the school.
9. School Tour: The school organizes educational tour for students of all classes which inculcate the sense self discipline, spirit of co- operation and self help among students. The principal, teaching and non – teaching staff also accompany them.
10. Transport: Transport facility is available for students.
11. Medical: The Academy engage one medical doctor on part time basis to inspect the health of all children from Apollo Hospital.